NEW - A presentation (August 23, 2017), on the rapidly evolving housing market in the GTA.
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Spring 2017 Report for Mortgage Professionals Canada "Consumers' Perspectives on Homebuying in Canada".
Released July 11. Download report .pdf Format Download a Press Release .pdf Format

Personal submission to the House of Commons committee on Finance, on the risks arising from the mortgage insurance stress test. Published February 8. Download report .pdf Format

A report on the multiple impacts in the housing market and the economy from the new changes to mortgage insurance criteria.
Released October 18. Download report .pdf Format Download a Press Release .pdf Format

Fall 2016 Report for Mortgage Professionals Canada "Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada".
Released December 8. Download report .pdf Format Download a Press Release .pdf Format

A presentation (November 5, 2016), providing a quick overview of the Canadian housing market.
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A presentation in which I argue that house prices are not overvalued, once interest rates are taken into account. November 2015.
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Slides from a presentation on housing market trends and the outlook. October 2015.
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"A Profile of Home Buying in Canada". For CAAMP, issued on June 9, 2015.
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"How to Dissect a Housing Bubble" - a critique of some common threads in the discussions. Released March 12, 2014.
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Report on Condominium Apartment Markets, for Royal LePage. Released December 3, 2013.
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A quick review of the impacts of recent rises in mortgage interest rates, issued on July 3, 2013.
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Presentation on the Toronto rental apartment market
June 12, 2013, at a conference sponsored by Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations.
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May 30, 2013 presentation on the residential mortgage market, with discussion of employment and housing activity, given at a CAAMP meeting.
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April 18, 2013 presentation on the GTA housing market, given at a BILD meeting. Includes dicussion of the impacts of the "policy-induced housing market downturn".
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Report on the impacts of land constraints in the GTA (unsponsored research).
Compared to what should have happened, housing starts are substantially reduced, house prices are higher, vacancy rates are lower, and rents are higher.
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June 27, 2012 presentation on housing bubbles, given at a Centract conference.
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June 12, 2012 presentation on the Toronto CMA condo apartment market, given at a Scotia Global Banking & Markets meeting.
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October 2011 Report for RESCON discusses that "affordbility space" has been invaded by government-imposed costs and rising land values.
A bit complicated. I suggest you start with the Press Release, then the "Abstract" (within the full report).
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March 2011 Report for RESCON "Consequences of Government Imposed Costs Within the New Housing Market".
including simulations of market and economic impacts.
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January 2011 Report for the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. "Revisiting the Canadian Mortgage Market The Risk is Minimal"
including analysis of recent mortgage transactions and consumers' ability to absorb rate increases.
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An update of slides from March 27, 2004 presentation at Schulich School of Business - "Is There a Bubble in the Toronto Housing Market?"
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A February 2009 study on "Housing as an Investment - Greater Toronto Area",
produced for Trinity Diversified.
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Housing Needs Study for the City of Vancouver.
Includes analysis of factors contributing to a high incidence of housing need and scenarios for future needs.
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Report for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada. "Dimensions of Core Housing Need in Canada"
on the 1.5 million Canadian households that have housing need problems.
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Research Report on "Economic Influences on Population Growth and Housing Demand in the Greater Golden Horseshoe",
published by the Neptis Foundation. Visit the Neptis website here:
Will Dunning report for the Neptis Foundation and scroll down to "Associated Documents".